I’d like to submit my animated phone layout for the homescreen showcase.

Everything is interactive and performs a function! Control the music (pause/play, previous, skip), display agenda & open the calendar app (by tapping agenda), display weather forecast & open the weather app (by tapping forecast), alarm clock/stopwatch (by tapping the time)... Additionally, the three icons that appear change based on location (gym, home, work).

*Nova Launcher Pro - swipe features & other shortcuts for commonly used functions (like swipe up for sms, double tap for dialer/phone, down for notifications, home button for maps, etc.)
*KLWP (“Kustom Live Wallpaper”) to perform animations
*Tasker — changes variables defining which icons to show.
*Min icon pack

Link to .mp4 video displaying it all: https://www.dropbox.com/s/84cz0m7pvs43…